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Welcome Back to School

Welcome Back to School

˜ Start Up Schedule / Orientation – First Week Back to School!

Tuesday, September 6th

Orientation Day #1

Orientation for Grade 09 Students ONLY   [ 12:15 - 3:00pm ]

  • School busses arrive at 12:15 pm
  • Gr 9 students go directly to the RIDGE Theatre in main hall
  • Gr 9 students will meet staff, discuss timetables and homeroom, be led on school tours, and have lots of opportunities to ask questions
  • School Busses leave Claremont at 3:15 pm
  • Grade 9 Parents: please check your email by the end of the day this coming Thurs Sept 1st for an intro message from Mr Buckham; if you don’t receive the message, that means you will need to update your student’s Verification Form with your current email address.

Wednesday, September 7th

Orientation Day #2

Orientation for ALL Grades 9-12   [ 12:15 - 3:00pm ]

  • School busses arrive at 12:15 pm
  • Gr 9 students enter the building and go straight to Block 1 class
  • Welcoming Assemblies for Grades 10 - 12:

Grade 10 – Meet in the Ridge Theatre with Mrs. Laws and Ms. Giese

Grade 11 – Meet in the Big Gym with Ms. O’Brien and Mr. Pama

Grade 12 – Meet in the Student Parking Lot with Mr. Buckham

  • Once assemblies are concluded, students go to homeroom classes to pick up a printed copy of their timetable (take a picture!) and then go through a rotation of Blocks 1-4 with each block lasting for 20min.
  • School Busses leave at regular scheduled times.

Thursday, September 8th

  • Regular classes begin, bell schedule altered   [ 9:00am - 3:06pm ]
  • School busses run before school and after school (only for those families who have signed up – (you can still register through the SD63 District 63 website under ‘Resources’ and then ‘Transportation’)
  • Picture Day - Blocks 1, 2, and 3  (scheduled by class & grade)

All Students need photos taken for ID (purchase of package not req’d)

  • Homeroom between Block 3 and 4 (Student Verification Forms)
  • Earthquake Drill at the end of Block 4

Friday, September 9th

  • Regular classes in session    [ 9:00am - 3:12pm ]
  • Fire Drill at end of Block 2
  • Grade 9 Welcome BBQ in Block 3
  • Grade 12 Welcome BBQ and Group Photo in Block 4


Purpose of Orientation Days:

  • Welcome students back to school
  • Meet staff and reconnect with friends
  • Help students understand timetables, locate classes, and select their locker (optional)

Distribute timetables and Student Demographic Information  (Returned to the Main Office by Friday, Sept 9th)

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