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Clubs / Activities

Clubs and Activities

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Best Buddies Ms. Stetson  Mon. Lunch Rm. 312
Chess Club Mr. Gardner Any day Lunch Rm. 327
Craft Club Ms. Tong/Mme. Harte TBA
Crafty Knitters Ms. Tong Thurs. Lunch Rm. 323
French & Spanish Club Mme. Harte Thurs. Lunch Rm. 303
Grad Council Ms.Harte/Mr. Reisig Wed. Lunch Rm 303
Improv Club Mr. Plant Mon. After school Choir Room 280
International Advising Ms. Heppell Tues. Lunch Learning Commons
Key Club Ms. Pang/Mrs. Wadsworth Thurs. Lunch Rm. 135
Math Club Mr. Skanks Mon Lunch Rm. 130
Organ Donor Awareness Club Ms. O'Brien/Ms. Michalski (on leave) Mon Lunch Textiles Rm 276
Queer Straight Alliance (QSA) Ms. Gordon-Cooper/Ms. Rowland Thurs. Lunch Rm. 320
Science & Engineering Club Mr. Vucko Tues. Lunch Rm. 207
Sign Language Club Ms. Gordon-Cooper Tues. Lunch Rm. 320
Soup-er Kids Mr. Hayes/Ms. O'Brien TBA
Travel Club Mr. Gardner TBA Lunch Rm 327
VEX Robotics Club Mr. Paananen / Mr. Beeston Wed. Lunch Rm. 133
Welcomers' Club Ms. Chapman Every other Friday Lunch Rm 136
Youth for Change & Inclusion (YCI) Ms. Guthrie-Bedard/Ms. Marshall/Ms. Milne Mon Lunch Rm. 320