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About Claremont Secondary School

THE SCHOOL - 60 Years of Success

Claremont Secondary School is located in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. The school opened on September 1, 1962 to serve the local population in the Municipality of Saanich and the Saanich Peninsula. Located in the seaside neighborhood of Cordova Bay, Claremont is the largest high school in Saanich District 63 and welcomes a diverse group of 1100 students through it’s doors every day. Further enhancing diversity is the district's International Program which welcomes roughly 250 high school students from around the world

Claremont’s curricular offerings are designed to meet students’ interests and learning needs. From grades 9 through 12, students are able to craft their desired timetable by choosing courses from a variety of core academic, Arts Education, Applied Design, Skills and Technology, trades and Advanced Placement classes. Our innovative offerings put students at the center of their education, allowing them to discover, embrace and fulfill their passions within relevant learning opportunities. Claremont strives to support each student forward in their educational journey in ways that build the capacity, confidence and resilience that will allow them to push the boundaries of their potential.

In addition to Claremont’s focus on curricular innovation, the school offers a wide range of extracurricular clubs, activities, and intramurals to engage and expand student interests'. Further, Claremont has a rich history of athletic success and is home to four Sports Institutes including rowing, lacrosse, golf, and swimming where students are able to develop their athletic passions alongside their academics. Claremont’s school teams consistently achieve great success in both regional and provincial competition.

Through its core values of Respect, Responsibility and Relationships, Claremont strives to empower a community of learners to approach challenges with courage, integrity, and curiosity.


Mr. Don McKinnon, 1973-1986
Mr. John Pringle, 1986-1998
Mrs. Linda Giles, 1998-2000
Mr. Jordan Tinney, 2000-2005
Mr. Mark Fraser, 2005-2011
Mr. Bruce Frith, 2011-2016
Mr. Peter Westhaver, 2016-2022 and
Aaron Buckham 2022-

Our School Plan

Setting goals is an important part of school planning.

The Claremont Spartans!